Ecuador's climate and natural richness is an important factor for the quality of our Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei). Empacadora Del Pacifico S.A. (Edpacif) is our primary packing packing plant, located on the equator line by the coast of Pedernales and its luscious surrounding farming land. Edpacif has many certifications, including British Retail Consortium BRC Standards, Good Manufacturing Practices, and HACCP, all while recognizing the importance of environmental responsibility.

Pacific Breeze Seafood's product is known internationally for its high quality and safety. Our shrimp are raised using natural methods and without the use of antibiotics, ensuring product integrity throughout development. Since Edpacif keeps a close relationship with its suppliers, our shrimp has traceability from inception at the larval stage, through reception at the packing plant stage, and until our product arrives to our customers.